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Choosing a Technology Partner for Your Business


What should Small and Medium Sized Business owners look for when they select a technology company?

handshakeAs a business owner, your use of technology can be a determining factor in the success of your business. That makes selecting a company to support your computer systems one of the most critical for your organization. As you evaluate companies, there are several important factors you should look at when making this decision:

  • High Level of Customer Service

It is easy to find companies that can fix your PC or install a network device for your company.  The real challenge is to find a company that also understands the value of providing excellent customer service.  Your technology vendor must be able to respond quickly to your requests and resolve issues promptly.  They should be easy for you and your employees to reach and deliver and their promises.

  • Understanding Your Business

Without understanding your business, it is nearly impossible for your vendor to correctly provide recommendations for your technology.  A good consultant will be able to look at the intricacies of your company and find ways to leverage technology to help you grow your business, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

  • Provide Strategic Business Planning

This goes hand in hand with understanding your business.  Your technology partner must also clearly understand the direction you are planning to take your company.  This way they can provide solutions that not only fit your current environment, but have the ability to grow with you as well.

  • Technical Expertise

While this may seems obvious, business owners can end up selecting products, technology providers and solutions strictly based on price.  Many times, these “inexpensive” solutions end up costing the company more in the long run in either lost productivity or missed opportunities for their business.  A good technology vendor will have the expertise to recommend solutions that are the best fit for your company and the experience to install them properly allowing you to leverage them to the full potential.

  • Ongoing Support

Once your new systems are in place or the new solution has been installed you may think all the work is done, but actually this is where the company you select becomes most critical.  In order for these products and your staff to continue to be productive and working effectively, these systems must be maintained.  This is where selecting a company that can also manage these systems on an on-going basis becomes key.  This allows you and your employees to focus on your business instead of becoming distracted with any technical issues related to your technology.

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